I had an accident. I lost my front teeth. They were broken 80%. Will it grow back? I am 18 now (Photo)

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Unfortunately teeth are not like bones

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I'm so sorry to hear of your accident, and that you broke your front tooth. Unfortunately, teeth are not like bones, and they do not heal the same way. Once teeth are broken, they have to be restored in order to return them to proper looks and function. I have treated many people in the emergency room, and in my private office who sustained fractured teeth due to trauma. The first thing you have to look at, at this point, is what is the condition of the roots of the teeth. Many times due to the impact, the nerve will die either immediately, or over time. This can be seen when you see people with a dark tooth. The bone around the tooth will have to be evaluated to see if there is any damage as well. If the nerve has died, or if there is damage of the bone at the tip of the tooth's root, then a root canal will have to be done first. If there is no damage, then I would recommend restoring your teeth with either veneers or an all ceramic crown. At this point, being 18, your facial growth is done, so going to a definitive treatment like veneers or all ceramic crowns would be ideal. I would advise against bonding because over time the bonding will discolor, chip, and can come off. Every time you have to redo the bonding, you will have to take away more tooth structure. It is better to just take care of it once, and not have to worry about it for the next 15-20 years. Best of luck!!!

Manhattan Dentist

Teeth do not grow back

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Sorry you had an accident which injured your teeth. Human teeth do not grow back. From the photograph you submitted it does not look like you lost your teeth. It also does not look like you broke 80% of your teeth. Do you have other photos you can submit showing more tooth loss than this. If this photo is an accurate depiction of your injury, you could restore the broken areas of your teeth with bonding or porcelain veneers.

Douglas Jopling,  DDS
Dallas Texas area

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