I have high myopia and risk of Retinal Detachment. Is it ok to go ahead with an ICL Surgery?

My Eye power currently is at -8.5D(Sph) -0.75D(Cyl) and -8.0D(Sph) -1.0D(Cyl). Its been stable for the past 6 years and i am 25 years old. I have never used Contact Lenses. After doing the Pre ICL evaluation, i had to do a Barrage laser treatment for my right eye since it had a high risk for RD. My doctor told that its minimum intrusion and wont affect the retina. But i am worried since i already have an eye problem, if it is advisable to risk ICL.

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Risk of detachment with high myopia and ICL

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Many patients who fit the profile of potential candidates for the ICL have similar if not identical circumstances.  It's good that you aware of the fact agh your high prescription puts you at higher risk for RD.  I don't think that it should scare you away from this technology, however, if you are motivated to gain freedom from glasses and contact lenses.  

Cleveland Ophthalmologist

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