I'm 28 yrs old, have baldness from six years..I want a dense look. Any suggestions? (photo)

How many grafts should I go for and which technique.. Fut or fue..one doctor said 4000 grafts .other said 2500..plz suggest.

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You need an examination to understand why you are losing hair before considering treatment options.

You need an examination to understand why you are losing hair before considering treatment options.   It is best to see a doctor in person.

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The "normal" scalp has 80,000-100,000 hairs on it so there are many variables to picking the right hair loss procedure

When you say you "want a dense look" this can mean many things. From the photo, I am guessing you are a woman. Because FUE requires shaving the head, most of my female patients choose FUT because the stitches will be hidden by the surrounding hair. As far as number of grafts. You may improve your "look," that is, when you look in the mirror if you have coarse curly hair and put 500 grafts right into the frontal scalp tightly packed. If you are wanting a "dense look" on the entire top, you will need many more, closer to 2500.  It is NOT advisable to do more than that in one day. A lot of it comes down to your donor density. You may only be able to get 1500 grafts in one day safely and that can make a very big impact. Micropigmentation can also improve the "look" of your scalp without adding any hair. Medical therapy may increase your native hair (rogaine, laser, PRP, etc). A combination is likely to be the best plan for you. Please find a reputable hair surgeon to help you decide.

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Not How Many Grafts But How to Avoid A Bad Hair Transplant

4,000 grafts by FUE or FUT is never recommended by a well qualified full time hair restoration surgeon. You need to stay within the safe donor area as well as be able to close the donor area if by donor strip surgery. Cannot tell your gender by the photo you supply. You are young and need a correct diagnosis first then develop a plan with a trusted hair restoration physician.  Best wishes.

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Female with hair loss

You need to be examined to make sure that you do not have miniaturization in your donor area. The best treatment for women who have thinning hair is scalp micropigmentation, not hair transplantation. This will easily address the thinning look without a surgery. 

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