I am 22 and I have started noticing open pores on my face, forehead and on sides of nose. I am worried. I feel helpless (Photo)

hello!! i am 22 years old.i ll b 23 in this coming dec,i am already takin sitings of LHR on my face..i hav taken olmst 8 sittings of LHR, from last 2-3 months i have started getn open pores on my cheeks n forehead..m really worried abt it..can u plz suggest me tht if i go for laser to reduce OP ,will it be effective for me n which laser should i go for.i am jst worried bcs i think this is d begining of open pores n i dnt wnt 2 get large open pores so i wnt 2 do somethin wth it asap..plz help

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