I m 18 now and I still don't have any beard on my face, is there a product to help me?

I think it's because of my genetics but is their any solution other than the hair transplant . Is their any product that can help me plz tell me if u know anything

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Beard growth

Many young men want to accelerate their beard growth and ask about it. It takes age (genetic triggers which occur in family lines) so if you want to find out when your beard will grow out, you need to find out when your father or grandfather started to grow their beard. Hormones should have kicked in nicely by the time a man reaches 18 but he must wait out his genetics as hormone alone are not responsible for the onset of beard grown. Beard transplants can be done when the young man is a bit older (over 25) if the beard has not grown in yet

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Beard Growth Facts

This is genetic and some people grow more than others, sometimes it takes till the mid 20s to see beard growth.  Please post photos or get a formal consultation with a hair growth expert.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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Beard development in men

Beard development in men is fully developed by age 30, not age 18. At 18 there is only partial development. You can review with your hair physician if there are any particular issues of concern that might impair beard growth, but this is quite unlikely.  You can speak to your physician about minoxidil. It's not routinely recommended. Despite what you read, there are not a lot of good options other that time.  

Beard growth is strongly genetic. If your family has strong beard growth, you have a good chance that you will too. If your family does not, you may not.

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