Does hymenoplasty leave scars inside or outside the vagina? Can a doctor detect it? Even after marriage and sex?

Is hymenoplasty detectable? Does ut leave scars?

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Does hymenoplasty leave scars inside or outside the vagina?

the hymen is primarily a mucosal structure. Mucosa heels with little to no overt evidence of previous trauma. Therefore, a hymenoplasty typically leaves little to no scar. It would be very difficult, or even impossible, to  be able to  tell that hymenoplasty  has been done..

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Hymenoplasty leaves no visible scars

Once it's healed and the stitches have dissolved, a properly performed hymenoplasty will leave no visible scars. This takes 6-8 weeks. Not even a gynecologist will be able to tell.

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Hymenoplasty questions....

It depends on the technique, and what and when you will need to either bleed, or be tightened, etc. If your goal is to bleed on your wedding nogt, and no-one will be looking closely, a procedure which is designed to produce a bridge of tissue across the hymenal opening does leave come scarring & may be detected by a close inspection prior to intimacy, while a localized "tightening" procedure for the hymenal opening, where the surgeon "buries" all his/her incisioin lines behind the hymen within the vagina will usually escape detection.

It is important to communicate with your surgeon: exactly when is your wedding? Who will be looking, and exactly how & when.  Different docs effecting a hymenal repair have different techniques. I'd advise seeing a surgaon who performs different procedures for different situations. A "repair" that wll be "tested" in 1 month may be performd differently than one where the wedding is in 3 months.

As for detection after having sex-- no, there is little liklihood that any previous hymenal repair will be able to be detected after sex- even by a doc doing a vaginal exam.

Good Luck!

Michael P GoodmanMD

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Hymenoplasty detection

The tissue of the hymen is similar to the inside of the mouth in that it typically heals imperceptible scars. It may still be possible for a hymenoplasty specialist to detect a hymen repair if s/he is looking for it on exam. However it would be challenging for her/him to be 100% conclusive. Glad to help. 

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