Got hit on the nose 28 days after rhinoplasty. A tiny bump has formed on the lower bridge of nose. What is it? When will it go?

I had a revision rhinoplasty which involved removal of hump,narrowing the bridge using septal cartilage.Exactly after 28 days I accidently hit my nose by my finger while washing face.I felt a sharp pain and instantly a bump formef where my finger caused the trauma. My surgeon examined it and said there has been no great harm and the bones of nose are fine.It has been a week since this incident but I could still feel and see the tiny bump on the lower bridge.What is this hard bump and when will it go.

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The lower bridge of the nose is composed of cartilage

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Your bones are on the upper bridge of your nose. The middle and lower bridge of the nose are composed of cartilage. The cartilage will never be totally symmetric after it is shaved down. Its possible that you are noticing a little bit of that asymmetry or that you may have moved the cartilage a little. If stitches were used in the dorsum you may be feeling that as well. Show you surgeon exactly where you are concerned. If you already did that then just give your nose some time to heal. You need to be very careful after rhinoplasty for the first 6 weeks.

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