Why hair is vanishing from right side of my forehead?

I am 21 year old girl. After my marriage I noticed that my hair is vanishing from corner of right side of forehead. And that area is increasing day by day. I saw to doctor but after one month also I am not finding any benefit from it. Can there be any connection of this disease with my marriage. Please tell me what's the reason behind. What should I do?

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Hair loss if females

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Hair loss in females is a complex problem requiring particular expertise by the physician who understands this issue. See below for details

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Hair loss from right side of head

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It is impossible for anybody to know what is going on with your area of hair loss without at least the benefit of some high resolution images. Nothing is as good as an in person up close examination to include dermoscopy, hair check measurements, a good history and physical examination. Possibilities for focal hair loss include fungal, traction, alopecia areata, and trichotillomania.

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Localized hair loss

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You need to be seen by a hair specialist. Genetic hair loss, stress, thyroid problems do cause hair loss but they usually cause hair loss in different patterns than what you have described. 

It would be unusual if that's what you have.

You have a picture of "localized" one sided hair loss. These causes include traction alopecia, alopecia areata, fungal, trichotillomania and others, including autoimmune and scarring alopecias.

Please see a dermatologist if not improving.

Jeff Donovan, MD, PhD
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Acute hair loss

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Stress could definitely be a contributing factor with timing of your hair loss. Stress can also be GOOD stress such as marriage. If it is only stress, this should regrow and clinically studied products are available to speed up the process. Genetics and thyroid disorders can also be a factor. As a family physician specializing in hair, we have the ability to order and interpret your labs, offer an opinion on the cause (face-to-face consult), and offer such products. See someone and get some answers.

Gregory Chambon, MD
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Hair loss

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Hair loss can be caused by multiple factors...the most obvious one is genetic.  But stress, thyroid disease, etc. can also be contributing factors.  For example, a thyroid disorder can make hair brittle which can cause it to fall out.  Have you had your thyroid hormones checked?  Do any females in your family have hair loss as you describe?  Vitamin deficiency is also another reason for hair thinning.  Do you take a multi-vitamin?  I recommend that all women of childbearing age take a Prenatal Multi-vitamin.  If you want to further strengthen your hair, Biotin supplements are good.  I hope that helps.  

Disclaimer:  These opinions are not intended to diagnose or treat a medical condition and do not take the place of a thorough history and physical exam by a qualified surgeon.

Jeffrey S. Williams, DO, FACOS
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