Does groove under eye to cheek corrected by peeling?? Fillers are costly.. (photos)

i m 24 year old indian girl.. recently i noticed crease which started from corner of the eye to my cheek.. in sunlight dis line is more noticeable and also in day time.. it luks awful.. its like mid cheek groove.. fillers are not affordable.. i want to knw dat chemical peel work on dis?? does chemical peel minimise the appearance of groove?? nd sorry for the bad english

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Groove under eye

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Thank you for your question himshikha. Both chemical peels and fillers work well for facial rejuvenation. But they work differently. It is difficult to say without photographs. If the concern is volume loss such as that in the tear trough or midface, then fillers will help. If the concern is fine lines on the skin surface, then chemical peels or laser treatment will help.
Cosmetic treatments are investments. The choice of treatment should be made based on the concern, not the investment. Many financing options exist to help patients with cosmetic treatments.
Please consult with a doctor for specific recommendations. Good luck!

Under eye depression?

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Hello,If you are referring to the tear trough depression a chemical peel will not put volume back in to that area. A chemical peel will address the skin and fillers add volume. Can you post some pictures?  Pictures will help to give you the best opinion!

No, chemical peels will not fix this.

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Your issue may not be as severe as you feel it is.  Be careful about making a choice base just on costs.  This can cause you to get in trouble.  There are fillers out there that can cause horrible disfiguring and permanent facial damage.  Consider posting a photograph of your concern.

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Tear trough?

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If you have a tear trough depression, then a peel is unlikely to help the area. Fillers are often the first choice.

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