Ghosting after i-LASIK with bright objects placed in dark background. What should I do?

I had i-LASIK 1 month ago. However, I see double images when looking at subtitles in a movie or the laptop keys with my left eye. The degree of separation of the ghost image changes with each blink. The effect is more pronounced with bright objects placed in dark background. Eg: anything written in white in black background. I do not have any residual power according to my surgeon and this should go away. However, I have not seen any change after the operation. I am quite worried. What to do?

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It sounds like you have dry eyes.  Although you may not feel your eyes are dry, the natural tear film in your eyes may be evaporating too quickly causing your vision to be affected.  Every time you blink, your eyelids are covering your corneas with a new layer of tears.  This is why the ghosting changes every time you blink.  I would recommend that you use preservative-free artificial tears every one to two hours.  Another cause may be induced glare post-LASIK.  Dryness and glare may take anywhere up to six months to fully resolve.

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