How do I know if general anesthesia is safe for me? I read a lot regarding deaths of patients during rhinoplasty.

i am an Asian and need augmentation rhinoplasty.i always wanted to have rhinoplasty to enhance the shape of my nose getting back my lost confidence. but i am really scared about anesthesia.recently i had vitamin D3 deficiency for which my doctor prescribed medications. but i developed red blisters all over my body due to allergy and my body reacting negatively to medicines. how do i know i will be safe and not die during my surgery ? i have opted for a doctor who is certified and well trained

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Thank you for your question. Although many fear anesthesia and ask to avoid it, modern anesthesia is exceedingly safe with the risk of a serious unfavorable occurrence falling in the 1 in 800,000-1,200,000 range which means anesthesia is safely administered in greater than 99.99% of cases according to recent studies. I suggest that you move forward and consult with a board certified facial plastic surgeon.

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General anaesthesia

general anaesthesia is the safest option for you and is used routinely for rhinoplasty in most developed countries and is the safest option with the least risk of airway problems 

General Anesthesia for rhinoplasty

These are great concerns to discuss with your surgeon, but most surgeons will perform rhinoplasty with the patient under anesthesia and completely "asleep".  You should not feel any pain or discomfort during your surgery.  Each surgeon will have his/her preference in terms of general anesthesia.  For me personally, I find general anesthesia to be the most comfortable and safe form of anesthesia for my patients during rhinoplasty.  The nose is a part of the airway, and for this reason during nasal surgery blood can potentially enter the airway.  General anesthesia provides an excellent way to protect the airway and prevent issues from blood entering the airway.  

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samalananya, make sure you have one on one care throughout your procedure. My patients are never left alone by my nurse trying to get the next patient ready; that is another nurses responsibility. See the video. good luck!

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