Will gaining weight back reverse saggy thighs? Is Thermage of some use?

I lost 20 kgs in one year & my thighs have become saggy n wrinkled. can gaining the 20kgs weight back will reverse it? Should i gain the weight back and then loose it slowly. Will this help? Does weight training the thighs help?I dont want to do surgery bcz i am unmarried n i wont tolerate the scars i m 22. Is thermage of some use? Please help. Thanks.

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Weight Gain and Loss and Thermage

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Thermage will definitely help with skin tightening.  However, gaining and losing weight will stretch out the skin and it is no t a replacement for diet and exercise.  Thermage can help but without photos I would not want you to be disappointed by poor results.  Feel free to re-post photos with the question.  Best, Dr. Green

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