Fat to breast transfer before and after results. Is it even worth it?

Ok so im 25 years old and my stats are 35 -35 .5 -40.5 and i am 5.6 ft tall and weight around 56 kg. Im actually looking to reduce my weight from my waist region till my hips though im also looking to increase my breast. However im very much concerned about the sagging of the skin that occurs from where the fat is taken.I guess for my stats its better to remove fat initial from my tummy an waist region and then from hips. But just wanted to know about the sagging of the skin please. Thank you :)

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Does fat transfer to the breasts improve sagging breast skin?

Thank you for your question, Keziah. Without photos it is difficult to answer your question fully.  However, in general, fat transfer to the breast gives only modest, in any, improvement to the sagging skin of the breasts.  With more severe sagging, the less likely fat transfer will improve the skin, and the more likely one needs a breast lift to correct the skin sagging.  In patients with little extra fat reserve, there is a limit to how much fat is available to graft to the breast.  Fat transfer procedures often times have to be performed more than once to get the result that you desire.  I would recommend that you have an in person consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon who performs fat grafting, to discuss your surgical options. 

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Sagging skin post liposuction


Thanks for your inquiry.  It is impossible to give you an accurate answer without both photos and a history of your weight gain/loss, stretch marks and skin elasticity.  A physical exam would answer these questions.

Generally speaking, the hips and sides do very well with liposuction alone and the skin tends to retract post op.  Fat can be transferred to your breasts, but you may only increase the breast size by one to possibly 1.5 cup sizes with one transfer.  If you desire a larger increase, go for implants.

Best of luck.

Dr. T

Douglas Taranow, DO, FACOS
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Fat grafting to breast and liposuction sag on the abdomen

Your weight of 56kg is pretty reasonable and understandably you are keen on further body contouring. Fat can be taken from the hip area and used for fat grafting the breast. Normally systematic liposuction using the technique of 'tumescence' (where plenty of fluid is placed into tissue to take the fat out with ease) should not leave with loose skin as long as every care is taken during the process. This is of course unpredictable as some patients may have some skin looseness despite doing everything possible.

The fat can be harvested from the buttock, flanks and thighs so this reduces the need to take it from just one area and avoids the issues of excessive fat removal from a single area and thus loose skin. 

Fat grafting in my experience is great for contour defects and 'one cup up size' augmentation. If you need a bigger cup size than you will require multiple procedures to get the desired result. An implant in this situation is better as it gives immediate, long lasting results.

Sanjay Azad, MS, FRCSEd
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Sagging skin after liposuction

Hard to tell without photos, sagging skin should not be an issue after liposuction because at age 25, your skin should have plenty of elasticity to shrink down afterwards. Be sure to consult with a board certified plastic surgeon. Good luck!

Robert M. Tornambe, MD
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