My face is beginning to sag. I am only 24. What should I do? (Photo)

Hello.. plzz help me.. I started noticing line below my eyes.. doctor said it's because my skin is not tight nd my skin starting sagging.. I feel very depressed. . Does my skin looses its elasticity? ? Or its not youthful or firm?? She also said u can go for fillers juvederm.. is it true my skin is not youthful or firm?? I feel really really depressed nd I don't want to go out..

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I'm sorry to hear about you feeling depressed about your skin and face.  Based on your picture your skin tone looks good and you have lovely features.  If you are concerned about the line and hollowness under your eye, I would recommend a filler to add volume to the area (such as Radiesse or Voluma).  As you are only 24 your face is still changing, and adding volume to this area will refresh the appearance below your eyes.  Have a blessed day!

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Skin thightening

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thanks for asking. The best option to prevent skin loosening in your age after having a good lifestyle would be a combination of RF and clear lift laser .I also suggest 2-3 sessions of PRP . You should consult with a expert cosmetic physician first.

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