Eyes are over corrected after LASIK surgery and the temporary glasses provided give foggy appearance?

I Had my lasic surgery 1.5 months ago. my number was LE : -9.50 spherical and 2.5 cylinderical , RE : -9.50 spherical and 2.0 cylinderical. I was overcorrected to +1.25 spherical and 2.25 cylinderical in both the eyes. So doctor provided me temporary glasses for 3 months but these glasses give foggy appearance with glare due to which i cant see properly.

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Overcorrection after LASIK

you should be on a NSAID to regress youyour surgeon should know and try thisor you will need an enhancement

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Overcorrection after Lasik

For high corrections such as yours, over- and under-corrections are more common, though still rare. Your eyes are probably still changing, so your final result will probably be better than you are now. I would expect a touchup, however.The glasses prescription that you temporarily need is probably changing. So if the vision is blurry through the glasses, go back and get another prescription.

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LASIK, Overcorrection, foggy vision

I am sorry to hear about your troubles.Without a detailed examination it is difficult to forma firm opinion.Here are a number of possibilities: the prescription for the new glasses is incorrectthere is a problem with the procedure itself, such as the flap not being properly reposionedinflammation under the flapdry eyesand many more.  Again I would need a lot more information, one important data would be a cornea topography from before the procedure and a current one.Best,Dr. Saimovici

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