will the eye recover? how long it might take? what all should I do for best results?

I got my LASIK done a month back. the power in the right eye was 3.50 | 2.00 ×10° and in the left it was 3.50 | 2.00 × 180°. the vision in left eye is perfect but in the right eye it is blurry and double. this differential vision is at times frustrating particularly while reading. Plus a couple of days after LASIK I have been experiencing little noise in the right ear, has it anything to do with LASIK.

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Recovery time

It may take anywhere from three to six months for your eyes and vision to heal.  Farsighted corrections tend to take longer to heal than nearsighted corrections.  You may be experiencing dry eyes in which case it is important to frequently use preservative-free artificial tears.  It is also possible that your right eye did not react as expected to the laser treatment and that you still have some residual prescription which your doctor can re-treat after four months.  The noise in your ear is unrelated to your LASIK surgery.

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Poor vision 1 month after LASIK

i am assuming you had a - or nearsighted Rx, as your post doesn't say + or - before the 1st number
you might need to get the right eye enhanced
ask your surgeon if your flap has any wrinkles, as that might cause diplopia, and would require a re-lift
the noise is not related

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LASIK recovery

Hi Amber-

I am a LASIK specialist in Mobile,AL and in my experience, vision is nearly perfect within a week following surgery.  There may have been some undercorrection in that eye that would probably need to be addressed by your surgeon in the next couple months.  Dry eye is always an issue following LASIK and can cause double or fluctuating vision.

The tinnitus is most likely not related to the surgery.  This is an inner ear issue.  Hope this helps and thanks for the question!

Dr. Walton

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Blurriness after Lasik

First of all, your hearing issue has nothing to do with Lasik.
It does take about 3 months after Lasik for the vision to achieve its maximum level. If it is not as good as you desire at that time, then an enhancement should be done to achieve the maximum result.

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