Ear cartilage from both ears was used for rhinoplasty, otoplasty was done at the same time for correction of lop ear. (photos)

Ear cartilage was used for rhinoplasty, and otoplasty was done at the same time for correction of lop ear. The result is disastrous, ears seem unnatural with lumps(right ear) and folds (left ear)four months after otoplasty. Will they resolve with time? It is useless going back to the original surgeon as he finds no abnormality. Right mid ear is over corrected, both ears are sticking out at the top. How to rectify this?

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Problems after ear cartilage harvest for rhinoplasty and otoplasty

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Hello. If you have concerns that you feel are not being addressed adequately by your original surgeon, I would recommend seeking out a 2nd opinion with an experienced board-certified facial plastic surgeon or plastic surgeon. I can see some of the irregularities that you have mentioned in the photos, but an in person exam would be needed to fully determine the best options to improve the overall contour and positioning of your ears. Good luck!

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