Can deep set eyes be treated? (photo)

I wore spectacles since childhood and now I have LASIK surgery done, but my eyes look asymmetry and deep set ..can anything be done for it?? My face is puffy making my eyes more deep set

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Treatment for deep set eyes

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Thank you for your question.  Your question about addressing the asymmetry and deep set feature of your eyes is a more complex one.  A more thorough clinical history should be provided and examination performed by an oculoplastic specialist to best determine the treatment options, if any, moving forward. 

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Eye rejuvenation

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There are a few key points to your question that need to be clarified. 

# 1 When did you have LASIK surgery: this can affect your tearing and may limit when and if you should have eyelid surgery

# 2 is it your eye movement that is affected as far as asymmetry or is it the soft tissue surrounding the eye?: If it is the movement you need to see an ophthalmologist that does strabismus surgery. That is surgery on the muscles in the orbit. If it is the surrounding soft tissue a plastic surgeon (facial plastic, general plastic, or oculoplastic surgeon should be able to help you). We would "frame" the eyes to make them pop a bit. 

# 3 You need a good physical exam with a full facial analysis. This will help determine if you would benefit from blepharoplasty and possibly fat grafting. In my hands, fat transfer to the face may be your best option.

Hope this helps.

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Benjamin Caughlin, MD
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