Is it compulsory to apply screen after chemical peel when not going outside?

After a chemical peel is it compulsory to apply sunscreen even though I'm planning to stay inside the whole day? And what about moisturising? Is there a specific brand that is good?

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You should wear a good quality sunscreen on a daily bases regardless.  After a peel though, it is very important to wear it.  The skin is very sensitive and can be vulnerable to hyperpigmentation post care can make or break a good chemical peel.   

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Is it compulsory to apply screen after chemical peel when not going outside?

Thanks for your query. Chemical peeling make your skin sensitive and more prone to sun burn so it is advisable to apply sunscreen. The type of sunscreen can be given after analyzing your skin type. Hope it helps.

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Always apply sunscreen after a chemical peel

After a chemical peel, regardless of whether you're going out or not, you must apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen because the damaging UVA rays come right through window glass, and after an effective peel, you've removes everything from the surface of your skin, including dead cells and sunscreen. As a result, you need to apply sunscreen. I also recommend applying a skin-type appropriate moisturizer after the sunscreen.

Neal B. Schultz, MD
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Caring for your skin post chemical peel

 Your diligence in recognizing the importance of applying a sunscreen daily is to be commended. However, in order to give you the proper response to your question it is important to know what type of chemical peel you received. There are chemical peels such as Lactic, Glycolic and other forms of Alpha Hydroxy Acids combinations that require your practitioner to neutralize the chemical peel during your application. In that case it is ok to apply both moisturizer and sunscreen immediately post chemical peel treatment. There are stronger chemical peels that are “self-neutralizing” meaning they can take up to 24 hours to reach full efficacy within your skin. In that case it is not advised to apply a moisturizer within 5 – 24 hours post peel in order to obtain the desired result. In this case if you were going outside it is best to use a powder form of SPF or an anhydrous (water free) formulation that will not dilute your chemical peel.  I advise you to call the clinic where you received the treatment and ask the practitioner on how they recommend you care for your skin post chemical peel. It is best to use a cosmeceutical line under the direction of your clinic to properly care for your skin post chemical peel. I wish you the best in your journey. 

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Chemical Peel

Thank you for your question. It is compulsory to apply sun screen after chemical peel even if there is the slightest chance that you will find sun exposure (ie reflection from any open blinds). Sun protection is a very important practice in general to ensure that you have healthy skin. Please utilize the moisturizer in accordance with the recovery plan provided by your board certified facial plastic surgeon. Best wishes,

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Compulsory to Utilize SunScreen After A Chemical Peel

Luminoussteel  Thank you for your question.  If you are hiding in your house , away from the windows, not going out for the mail THEN  a good moisturizer may be all that you need.  Every doctor will have their favorite post procedure  routine and  moisturizer for you to utilize.  But much more important is what skin care will you be using  to  enhance the results after the  procedure!

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