What are these brown spots on my face after peeling process? My skin is extremely dry and patchy. Plz help! (Photo)

Hello I am 24 years old female from India.I had a peeling yesterday the dermatologist told me that it was a party peel that is done twice a week but my skinis very dry now and on cheeks and certain areas on my face i had brown spots. I am scared if they are permanent.I am using vaseline as the dermatologist said. But my face is red and patchy now with some brown spots. Plz tell what are these brown spots ? Is my skin has burned in chemical peeling?

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Peel and Side Effects

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It appears that you skin is peeling from the procedure that you had.  I have no idea what type of peel is a "party peel" but I would definitely avoid the sun and continue to use topical emollients.  If you are concerned you should return to your treating physician.  You should have written instructions on what to use after your peel.  Please consult an expert.  Best, Dr. Green

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