Brown black dark circles around the eyes with minimal wrinkles, how do I get rid of them?

I am 26 and I have brown black dark circle around my eyes permanently from last 10 years .Please suggest a remedy for it.

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Improving dark circles

It is not possible to tell exactly the cause of your dark circles without seeing you in person or at least seeing your photographs.  There may be some pigment changes or some of it may be created by a shadow.  It could be hereditary too.  For hyper-pigmentation of the skin, light chemical peels or sometimes intense pulsed light can be very effective as well as some topical at-home treatments, such as hydroquinone. You may have a little bit of shadowing created by the appearance of excess fat, which may make the lower eyelids appear baggy. In this situation, sometimes surgery can be helpful just to remove a little bit of the fat, but most often filler around the eye bag can give the most natural appearance particularly for young people.  This can only be discussed in a consultation with an oculoplastic surgeon, since there are many aspects to your question and the treatment needs to be customized to you to make you look your best. That being said, no treatment is permanent, as we continue to age out of them, and if you improve the dark circles around your eyes depending on the causation, treatment may be necessary to maintain the result.  I hope that helps.  Best of luck.

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