Am I a candidate for FUE or FUT to achieve density and restore hairline? Please advise. (Photo)

If FUE, how many grafts can be implanted in one session? Could the beard area be used as possible donor?

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Am I a candidate for surgery?;

You are a candidate, but not a great candidate. I would advise you meet a number of surgeons to get a balanced view on what is possible.

How can you get the best result? Probably FUT (strip surgery) and wear your hair longer. I suspect you have excellent elasticity based on the photo which means a larger strip can be taken.

Can you get a pleasant result with FUE? Yes, but likely a bit less of what I call the "wow" effect.

A hair transplant could have a nice change to what you look like but it has to be done properly. You have a large area and limited grafts and future balding is possible. Get expert advice to best address all three of these issues.

Very bald man wants to know if he is a candidate for a hair transplant

Transplanting a very bald pattern like this requires that you and the doctor agree what is a reasonable outcome. Rarely, does a person have the donor density of hair to put back a full head of hair and few doctors can claim to have done this. I have done over 15,000 surgeries and have accomplished this but only in people with very high donor density, high quality hair. There are alternatives that include just transplanting the front and top areas and leaving the crown with only a thin coat of hair. Another alternative is Scalp Micropigmentation or a combined hair transplant with Scalp Micropigmentation which can achieve a reasonably full looking head of hair (see web video examples in the reference below)

William Rassman, MD
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Am I a candidate for FUE or FUT to achieve density and restore hairline?

Organic Hair Transplantation” is a hair transplantation procedure developed in the Estetik International Laboratories. The “Organic Hair Transplantation” method is a novel development in modern hair transplantation surgery practice which was developed with the efforts of our research and development department. Now; our successful hair transplantation results has evolved to a new era thanks to the “Organic Hair Transplantation” method. We can consider this new method as a revolutionary development.

“Organic Hair Transplantation” is based on injection of a mixture containing adipose derived stem cells obtained from own fat tissue of the patient to the scalp of the patient. The recipient area gets rejuvenated and the viability of transplanted grafts is increased with the effects of adipose derived stem cell injection. The injection of adipose derived stem cells also provides a better work area for the surgeon.

FUE is just a harvesting method. It does not relate to results. If you want to keep your hair very short you may want the FUE

FUE is just a harvesting method. It does not relate to results. If you want to keep your hair very short you may want the FUE harvest method. You need a consultation with a doctor to understand what is possible with surgery.

Jae Pak, MD
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You are a candidate for FUE

As long as your expectations are realistic, you would be an excellent candidate for a FUE procedure.  With your hair loss pattern, I would suggest limiting your grafting to the frontal forelock and hairline to frame your face.  This would give you a natural hairless pattern in the back, but still take years off your appearance.  The advantage of FUE is that will not produce the linear donor scar and allow you to keep your hair as short or long as you like.

Michael Vories, MD
Rock Hill Hair Restoration Surgeon
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