8 months post lipo surgery my fat coming back

It has already been 8 months post surgery and I can see my fat coming back on my stomach and thigh. I had studied in your articles that fat cells are destroyed in vaser lipo and they won't ever come back although we have to be careful of what we eat. I am eating fine and exercising too but I am not happy with my results lately. I am 43 years old with slow metabolism. Kindly guide me where am I going wrong and why fat coming back.

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Fat Returning After Liposuction?

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Fat cell are permanently removed with liposuction. However, the remaining fat cells can hypertrophy or increase in size with weight gain. This may be what your noticing. Even if you have not yet gotten back up to your original weight, any increase in weight will make your previously treated areas bigger. As metabolism slows, the solution is to decrease calories or increase your activity level. 

Weight fluctuation following Vaser

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Thank you for your question and I am sorry to hear about your problem.
Following any liposuction people can gain weight, although the treated areas tend to put on less than untreated areas. 
Fat cells (in areas of treatment) which left behind to support your skin can fluctuate in size if you lose or gain weight, they do not multiply but can become bigger or smaller in size.
So knowing your daily calorie requirements based on your age, gender, weight/height and routine activities are paramount to control weight. Learning what is the calorie value of each of each meal and drink then can help not to overstep the limit.
We often do not realise that often we consume  more than our daily requirement is for remaining at the same weight.
If you feel your metabolism is slow have it checked. 

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