What to Do About Large Front Teeth with a Gap?

I have big front 2 teeth and have a gap between them as well. How do i make it better? I went to a dentist in Kathmandu and she told me i need to do crowning in my front 2 teeth to make it smaller and close the gap. I'm in a big dilemma here. Since my teeth are healthy, i am a bit worried to do crowning. what do you think should i do? Is there any other alternative. Photo is attached!

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Orthodontics or crowns to close gap?

Hi, thanks for sending the photo.  While a full exam is needed, I can pretty much tell from this photo that your gap could easily be closed without having to do crowns...and your lower teeth straightened also...in about 6 months with tooth colored cosmetic braces.  The system I use is called Six Month Smiles, and your situation looks perfect for it.  Looks like your front 4 top teeth appear to be positioned a little higher than ideal, and Six Month Smiles treatment can bring those teeth down into your smile line better.  Invisalign may be another good option, although it's not as strong at bringing upper teeth "down" or rotations.  Six Month Smiles would be my first option for you, unless something I can't see would get in the way.

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