Am I Too Big for Buttlift?

58 an height 260 lbs i won't a buttlift an tummy tuck at the same time im nervis ass hell i wont a huge ass lets jus say i won't my tummy on my ass i won't alest1,500 an each cheek i dreaming is this so 1,600 is better

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Too Big for Butt Lift?

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Yes you are dreaming. Not in your life will you get 1600 ml into each cheek. We have a hard enough time getting a 1000 ml much less 1600ml. And who says bigger is better. Shape is more important than absolute volume.

5'8" 260 lbs Brazilian Buttlift and Tummy Tuck

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   At 5'8" 260 lbs, you would likely have a better result if you lost weight first.  Even if you lost weight, I would still be able to transfer 1600 cc to each buttock.  This way the more stubborn deposits would be transferred to give you more lasting results.  In addition, the tummy tuck would produce a nicer result as well.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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