Noticed Large Vein After Surgery, Best Treatment? Will Insurance Cover It?

I noticed a big facial vein after lower jaw surgery.  What's the best treatment?  Will insurance cover?

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Facial vein treatment

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I have seen this happen before following facial surgery. Interruption or disruption of veins can cause new veins to grow. I would allow 6 months post procedure to see if they  spontaneously resolve. If not, then I would recommend sclerotherapy to resolve them. 

Naples General Surgeon

New facial vein after facial surgery

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Thank you for your question.

The picture you have provided is very helpful.

It is not likely that this vein on your face will involute spontaneously. 

Treatment for this vein is best with sclerotherapy, one or more sessions. Treatment for facial veins are not covered by medical insurance as they are considered cosmetic. 

You can contact customer service of your insurance company for further guidance. It really depends on your plan and whether or not they cover cosmetic procedures. Most do not. 

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