Big Eyelids 6 Weeks After Revision Ptosis Surgery. My eyelid droop a month after, is this normal? (photos)

Hi Surgeons, I had my 1st surgery in 2007. I have attached 2 photos for your advice. One photo is before surgery, the other photos is after my 1st surgery. I went for a recent ptosis correction because my 1st surgery was unsuccessful, my eyelid droop a month after the surgery. The current findings for my surgery is that ptosis, left levator dehiscence with decreased fat volume. The operation description is left external levator resection. Appreciate if you can give your opinion, thanks.

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Eyelid Surgery

A revision is not uncommon.  With a revision can come more swelling than normal.  Healing can take up to 6 weeks or more with swelling decreasing over that time.  Follow your instructions, sleep with your head elevated, and avoid strenuous activity.

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Eyelid post op

I will try to give you some answers, but seeing the eyelid function would help.  Levator resection will shorten up and tighten the levator tissue to better hold up the eyelid margin. It is a straightforward technique that may provide an easier solution to the problem.  If it is unsuccessful try to get a second opinion from an occuloplastic surgeon.  I hope this helps.

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