I Have a Big Circular Scar on my Left Knee It's Missing Layers of Skin I Think is There Anything I Can Do? (photo)

I got it 3 years ago when I had a wart and went to my doctor to get the wart removed she used something that felt like it was burning me from the inside out !!

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Fractional lasers very helpful for atrophic scars

You photo shows an atrophic scar with significant texture change on the surface. Atrophic scar is what you are referring to layers of skin missing - what is missing is the normal thickness of the deeper layer of skin called the dermis - wounding can result in this and it is called atrophy. Fractional resurfacing lasers can do wonders to the surface of the scar - improving texture and overall appearance. They can also build collagen thus filling in the atrophic area. Additional restoration of the normal dermal thickness can be achieved with dermal filler such as sculptra and restylane but I think I would recommend just doing lasers first.

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