Big Change: How to Work with Multiple Specialists?

I'm having some significant work done on my face that will involve, at least, opthalmic and orthognathic surgeons. Assuming there are multiple surgeons involved over multiple-procedures, and who do not necessarily work together (or close to each other) , how do they coordinate so that their efforts are contributing toward the same planned outcome?"

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Multiple procedures/multiple surgeons

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It is important when choosing a practitioner that he/she understands their abilities and limitations.  It is also key that they have a network of other related doctors with which they commonly work.  Often, a reconstructive facial surgeon may work with a dentist, oral surgeon, prosthedontist, and professional who is trained in aesthetic camouflage make-up.  The training of many specialists also overlaps.  When choosing a surgeon, the patient should be comfortable with their skills and experience, and their ability to choose and work with other related practitioners.

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