Bifid Nose Tip/getting Tip Rhinoplasty...but Worried About Large Pores on Nose? (photo)

I am getting a tip rhinoplasty in about 2 months. I have a bifid nose tip... Very mild but evident. I forgot to ask my PS about my very enlarged pores on my nose....they look worse in shadows due to the indent/bifid tip. I'm secretly scared they are scars? My PS examined my nose but didn't mention my pores...this is really messing with my confidence. Will the skin look nicer/tighter after a tip rhinoplasty? Just worried cause there are enlarged pores where the indentation is leaving bad shadows.

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My pores are getting me down!!

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You and your surgeon were probably more focused on your nose so your pores did not come up.Like a lot of women, you probably have one of those 5 power makeup mirrors and your skin drives you crazy. Nose surgery is not going to change your pores. Unless you have had some kind of injury to your nose, these are not scars. You look young from your photos and pores may appear larger when you are young and you have otherwise nice and smooth skin. You should consider going on a good medically based skin care line and see an aesthetician following your surgery which is probably going to cause a temporary worsening of this. Try to limit alcohol use as this can increase the size of pores too. Fractional Lasers may help to improve this but I would start conservatively with good skin care and maintenance with peels directed towards reducing oily skin. It is important to treat the health of your skin like that of your body and take good care of it. Modern skin care lines with an experienced aesthetician can do wonders to reduce the apparent size of pores. 

Rhinoplasty and nasal pores

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Your  nasal pores should not be impacted long term by your surgery. There are several non-invasive procedures that can tighten the pores, this includes chemical peels, and lasers.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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What are the Treatment Options for Large Pores on Nose?

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Your rhinoplasty shouldn't make the large pores or scars appear worse. Rhinoplasty shouldn't have any effect on the pores. Temporarily while you're swollen after surgery they will look better but this will only last a few weeks to months. If your pores are still a concern after surgery, they can be improved with laser resurfacing once you've healed from your rhinoplasty. This is a very common concern among patients with sebaceous skin. I hope this information is helpful.

Stephen Weber MD, FACS

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