Bi Laterall Mastectomy Breast Reconstruction Tissue Expander Infection?

This involves a medical negligence claim. If an infection occurred within 24 - 48 hrs of 1st June, is it likely that in only 72 hours it can cause such a significant build up that aprox 40 - 50 mls of pus which was removed under ultra sound on the 2nd June. Further more a matter of 24 hrs later complete wound dehiscence from the same breast which burst open gushing out further mucus all over the hospital room floor. Fail to see how this could be possible in such a short time.

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Infection after Tissue Expander

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Infection is certainly one of the risks after expander placement. Factors that increase this risk include obesity, diabetes, smoking, radiation, immune compromise, and immediate reconstruction. Manifestation of an infection 3 days after surgery is truly a possibility. Staph and strep infections can develop rapidly. Pus can result in increased pressure and extrusion of the implant.

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Infection, expander

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Infection is a well recognised problem with all surgery and particularly with one involving a foreign body such as an expander. However, the history you have given, of rapid onset is very unusual. Only thought here is about the virulence of the organism causing the infection.

Venkat Ramakrishnan, MBBS, FRACS
Chelmsford Plastic Surgeon

Post operative infection

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Infection can occur after any surgery, and can manifest fairly quickly. The important part is to diagnose and treat the infection. There are many contributing factors that increase the incidence of infection, such as diabetes, obesity, other immune suppression conditions or drugs, as well as the local conditions of the skin integrity, radiation injured skin, concomitant chemotherapy, infection else where in the body. Also breast tissue and ducts contain bacteria that increases the risk of infection especially in the presence of a foreign body as a tissue expander or implant. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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