Bi-Explantation, Capsulectomy, Mastopexy and Reduction - Still Have Pain and Bleeding 3.5 Weeks Post? (photo)

Had 30 year implants removed 3.5 weeks ago. Went back to original PS in another state for surgery (I relocated 5 yrs ago). Also had bilateral capsulectomy, mastopexy (anchor) and unilateral reduction. R breast is healing well, although the areaola is not round. My question is re my L breast: It's still bleeding and very painful, and not healing well. Used Bacitracin on scars for 2 weeks, now only vitamin E oil. No local PSs (Brevard County, FL) to consult. Normal? Suggestions?

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Minor healing issues are common.

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Minor wound healing issues are quite common, particularly after an anchor scar incision. Early on this is due in large part to tension and a decrease in blood flow at the incision leading to scabbing and sometimes spotting of blood. After 4-6 weeks, spitting sutures can irritate the scar and lead to concerns of "opening of the incisions." These are minor issues which are best treated with moist dressings and time. Follow up with your surgeon or in your case, a referred surgeon in your area is advised.

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Secondary Healing

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It looks like from your photos that you have some secondary healing.  Keep a close eye on it.  Follow with your surgeon.

Bi-Explantation, Capsulectomy, Mastopexy and Reduction - Still Have Pain and Bleeding 3.5 Weeks Post

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Thanks for the photos and descriptions. I quite do not understand not being to find a boarded PS in Brevard county, Florida. I did a goggle searach and found 10 PSs in Brevard county. PLease seek in person care. Regards from MIAMI 

Breast reconstruction, Breast Reconstruction complications

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Although it is impossible to see all of the areas from the picture the area that is visible in the photo is a traditional place to had wound separation.  The other is at the bottom of the breast where it meets the chest.  On this left breast your concern is that it is still bleeding and painful.  I would contact the surgeon by phone if you are out of the area now.  This is always difficult.  I have patients that have flown to have surgery and then left only to have other problems come about later.  The small wounds will heal bit will take time.  The pain that is persistent and without an examination I cannot begin to tell you why.  I would hope that you can find someone who is a board certified surgeon who is close enough to drive and be seen.

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