New Frown Lines Appeared After Endotine Upper Mid-face Lift? (photo)

Frown lines after endotine upper mid-face lift I had a upper mid-face lift with endotine implants with about 5-6” vertical incisions in the hair over the ears. After the surgery I noticed a frown line between my eyebrow – on the left side, that was not there before. After the surgery my eyebrows were half-way paralyzed – I could not lift my eyebrows for about 4-5 months. After that everything went back to normal very slowly for 1 year period. Why did I get this frown line?

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New Frown Lines Appeared After Endotine Upper Mid-face Lift? (photo)

I am assuming you had a brow lift from your description. The 'frown lines' you speak of are also sometimes called the '11' lines, and are the effect on the skin of the muscles between the eyebrows. Sometimes these muscles are removed as part of a brow lift surgery, and sometimes they aren't. The real goal of a brow lift is to reset the brow to the right height on your forehead. If the vertical lines are bothering you, I would suggest botox to paralyze the muscles beneath the lines. This will make them not get worse. If you want the lines gone, you will need to have filler injected beneath the lines. My best guess is these lines were either formed or well on their way of being formed before the browlift. Regarding you not being able to elevate your brows for several months after surgery, this is likely a result of nerve stretching that can be temporary and prolonged. Glad you are recovering well.


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Glabellar frown lines developing after mid facelift?

I am unaware of such a complication albeit I perform endoscopic midface lifts with an Endotine ST device through temple and oral incisions approximately twice a week. If you were unable to move your brow after the surgery for many months, subconsciously you may have been overcompensating to express certain emotions by recruiting muscles you would normally not utilize. I have seen this type of effect after Botox or alternative neural modulator has been administered. Despite strategically paralyzing muscles responsible for certain wrinkles, adjacent non-paralyzed muscles may overcompensate with contraction in order to subconsciously convey emotion in turn creating "new" wrinkles" .

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