How can I help my gums to heal while there is suture on the gums? Or foods to eat?

Implant placed, lack of bone tissue (bone graph placed end july) Sutures were placed in gum area, Went to dentist office to remove sutures and shes stating that gum might or might not heal ..I have an appt 9/22 What can be done! Please help. How can I help my gums to heal! Tooth #7 extracted last year, bone graph placed, dentist placed implant too soon ? dentist places more bone graph since there is lack of tissue, he seals ans adds sutures,,,

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Healing after dental surgery

antibacterial mouth wash and antibiotics are usually prescribed after surgeries to prevent infection 

It is better to avoid chewing and direct pressure on the surgical site.  So very soft diet is usually recommended 

Hopefully without disturbing the site, you can help the gum in the area heal. 

At your next follow up appointment your dentist will let you know if the healing is ok or the need for further treatments....

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Dental Implants Post Op Healing

What we do with our patients is prescribe chlorhexidine and in many cases suggest to use Perio Science products which is a natural antioxidant. These products could assist in the soft tissue healing. Most importantly, please have your surgeon identify the true cause of what sounds like delayed healing.

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