What's going on? Got butt implants on 09/26. (photo)

The 1st week I didn't take care of the incision during the first week because I thought it had to be uncovered went in for a follow up and they told me it HAS to be covered and changed every two hours I am worried and hope this doesn't affect my recovery any recommendations on what to do other then begin taking care of my incision Correctly? I feel as if it is opening. I have drains in also

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Buttock implant incision healing

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You are having incision separation. It is important for you to be on the proper antibiotics determined by a culture of the site. You also need to undergo aggressive dressing changes. The remaining sutures should be taken out because they are inhibiting the healing process. 

Buttock implants

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Follow your surgeon post operative instructions.  Hopefully your surgeon took a culture to test for any bacteria in the area and put you on the appropriate post operative regimen.  Don't strain or do any deep bending as this will only spread the incision more.  Lay on your belly with a pillow under you hip bones to reduce discomfort in your lower back.  Be sure to follow up with your surgeon and keep him/her updated on your progress.

Wound healing issue

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Because the central single buttock cleft (aka crack) incision has a high rate of healing problems, i only utilize the two incision technique ")(" placing the incisions along the inner curve of each buttock cheek. This reduces the wound healing complication rate from ~33% down to a minute 3%. Glad to help. 

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