Can a weak crease lead to a smaller eye? (photos)

I am 3.5 months post-op upper bleph. I've noticed since day 2 that the crease on my right eye was more shallow and less well-formed than my left eye. Today, it looks smaller than my left. My right eye itself is originally smaller than my left eye but I'm wondering if the size can be due to a weak crease?

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You probably have right sided ptosis

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It's difficult to answer your question precisely from the posted photographs, but most likely you have on the right side a weakness in the internal muscle that opens the eyelid. This is a common condition and the most common reason for an asymmetric result. I anticipate improvement over the ensuing several months as you heal from surgery. You may need a minor touchup at the six month mark if the asymmetry is significant.

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Can a weak eyelid crease following surgery cause a droopy eyelid

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Thank you for sharing your question. A weak eyelid crease does not cause a droopy eyelid; however, it can be a sign of a dropped eyelid. You probably had a lower eyelid on that side to start with. Many patients become more aware of a droopy eyelid when the skin is removed following surgery. This is one reason doctors take so many photos prior to surgery. I hope this helps.
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