Can an upper lip lift improve the asymmetry of my lips (i.e. lift one corner up more than the other)? (Photo)

As you can see in the photo I attached, the right corner of my mouth is lower than my left and causes my mouth to be crooked. This is a huge insecurity of mine. I already plan on getting an upper lip lift to reduce the length of my philtrum but I was wondering if it is possible for more skin to be removed under the right side of my nose to lift up the corner? I'm NOT interested in a corner lip lift. They look very unnatural from all the before and afters I've seen.

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Upper lip asymmetry

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Thank you for your question.

I can see from your photograph that you have an upper lip that that is slightly long with respect to the dimensions of the remainder of the lower face, in particular the length of the lower lip to chin, so a lip lift would be a good way to enhance the balance of this area. In terms of asymmetry, yes it would be possible to undertake an asymmetrical lip to try to equalise the level of the corners of the mouth but this would require meticulous planning. I think that this would certainly help you with your concerns but I could not say about how it would be stable in the longer term. The position of the corners of the mouth is more strongly determined by muscle pull and arrangement than by pure lip length and so I would think a more detailed assessment to determine why your lips are like they are would help to inform any surgical plan. 

I hope that this was helpful.

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