Teosyal vs. Juvederm for lips, under eyes and cheeks?

I have been getting juvaderm and I am interested in the difference between juvaderm and teosyal for lips, under eyes and cheeks. Also, is this a filler that is not very common in the USA? I am wondering why I have seen it on a lot of instagram pages for Toronto girls but having trouble finding someone who uses it in LA.

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Teosyal Availability

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Juvederm and Teosyal are both variations of hyaluronic acid dermal fillers. They both function in the same manner in the way they increase volume in various areas of the face and lips and provide facial contouring capabilities for the areas like the temples, cheeks and chin. 

Teosyal products are unfortunately not available in the U.S. market yet, however FDA approval is pending so they may be available in the near future. Teosyal creates a wide range of dermal fillers indicated for specific treatments exclusively for certain areas on the face. For the lips for example, Teosyal has created their Teosyal Kiss dermal filler, which has been specifically formulated for the lips so it looks and feels natural once it is injected into the lips and typically lasts a bit longer than other comparable lip fillers. 

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