Surgeons who use permanent suture technique?

I am almost at my 1 year mark of my revision surgery. My surgeon used permanent sutures and I constantly think about them every day and it stresses me out. I like to jog, I like to swim especially butterfly which is a lot of head/ face movement, i like to do rolls and stuff on the floor when I play with my dog and other activities. I am really really nervous the sutures can come loose. For surgeons who use perm sutures have you ever had problems. I am really nervous and get stressed all the time
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Surgeons who use permanent suture technique?

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Dear Alex

At this point the sutures dont play a practical role in the stability of your nose. There is adequate scar tissue that is supporting your nasal structure and shape. Continue enjoying your results without worries.

Bay Area Plastic Surgeon
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Sutures in Rhinoplasty

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Stop your unnecessary worrying. Your sutures are absolutely going to come loose. Yes, that's correct.  Sutures that are placed in the cartilage are always loose when seen again on a revision. That's because your body doesn't need them after a few months, and the natural motion and trauma that occurs to our noses causes the suture to loosen. 
Relax and live normally.

Gerald Minniti, MD, FACS
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Dear alexbarner, At one year post revision surgery scar tissue has formed which is holding the nose together and not the sutures so you can resume your normal activities with no concern. Best regards, Michael V. Elam, M.D.

Michael Elam, MD
Orange County Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Permanent sutures, what you need to know.

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Permanent or non-absorbable sutures are used by many surgeons for many procedures with a high level of safety.

After 1 year, the surgery is held together by the strength of scar tissue more than the sutures. At that point, you're free to do any activity without worrying about popping a stitch.

Victor Chung, MD
San Diego Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Permanent suture

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At one year you are not being held together by your sutures. You can enjoy all activities without concern of them loosening and changing your result.

Michael L. Schwartz, MD
West Palm Beach Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Permanent versus absorbable sutures in rhinoplasty

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Thanks for your question. My thinking on this has evolved a bit over the years. When I first started doing rhinoplasties, I used only permanent sutures. My thinking at the time was that permanent sutures would ensure a permanent result. Many surgeons who do a lot of revision work use only permanent sutures for this reason. I've changed to using slowly dissolving sutures in most circumstances. I will still use permanent sutures if I'm rebuilding a person's septum. In both cases, I've never had a problem with sutures coming loose. Most are extremely well tolerated and cause no problems. Probably if one broke at this point, you'd have enough scar tissue to hold the cartilages in place so it wouldn't matter. Please share your concerns with your surgeon- I'm sure they would want to hear from you. But seriously, don't stress too much about it. If you had an issue with a stitch, we could deal with it.

Robert S. Schmidt, MD
College Station Facial Plastic Surgeon

Permanent sutures in rhinoplasty etc.

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Permanent sutures in rhinoplasty something I have used for 35 years in thousands of surgeries. They don't come loose and you have nothing to worry about.

Toby Mayer, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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