Strut graft problematic suggestion?

I have a columella strut graft that is really uncomfortable. I can feel it goes past my actual columella and is in my upper lip area... almost halfway between by lips and the actual columella. It makes a grinding sound and I can squeeze it and move it . when I move my lips left and right it gets caught on something. Also when my nose is in its natural state I feel the columella strut actually sits to the left side like under my left nostril.. is this more evidence it is not in the correct place?

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Strut problem?

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I need to see this and do an in person examination to confirm your suspicions. Without this this would be a guess.

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Columellar strut graft malposition

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Without seeing any photos, and more importantly, without performing an in person exam, it is hard to speculate exactly what is going on. But based on your description, it sounds like you may need an additional procedure to either remove or reposition your graft. I suggest you follow up with your surgeon or a different rhinoplasty surgeon to discuss your concerns. Good luck!

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