Rhinoplasty inside nose concern.

I now feel at about 1 year post op rhinoplasty when I put my finger inside my nose towards the columella and go back slightly and and a little high I push in towards the dividing columella area and I feel it is poky and bony. I asked my surgeon and he looked inside and said all is fine but I am very worried. Is it because before I had a lot of septum and it blocked the bony feeling but now since I have a 1cm l strut i can now touch different things... is this common for ppl

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Revision Rhinoplasty

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Obtaining your previous operative note and consulting with a rhinoplasty specialist would be helpful in determining if your diagnosis is indeed correct. If it is in fact a piece of cartilage or cartilage graft that has shifted over time, then a removing it through a closed approach would not result in a significant amount of downtime.
Sometimes sharp contour irregularities can result from twisted or deviated cartilage, and if that is the case you may require a more extensive revision to achieve a nice result.

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