Rhinoplasty and mentally damaged question. Any suggestions?

Hey docs I got 2 rhinoplasties and will be having my third one soon. I feel that I cannot think properly and it has been like this ever since after the revision. I have a columella strut that I can pinch and it clicks and grinds and gets caught with lip movement. On my bridge I feel two nasal bone lines and there is a small small gap inbetween them. Also my nose inside feels very different and weird! I have memory loss and I cannot think striaght and this surgery really affected me. Any comments

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Dear dexterB, I would suggest speaking with your surgeon and discussing your concerns. The small gap between the bones on the bridge of the nose that you are discussing is typically from a hump removal and incomplete osteotomies where you have what we call an open bridge. It also sounds like the strut is to long and is causing you some complications. After an examination your surgeon can determine a proper diagnosis. As far as your memory loss and other concerns with your mental state you may want to seek medical help before moving forward with another surgery. Often times memory and other brain functions are offset by stress or lack of sleep. I would suggest seeking professional help which your surgeon may be able to help align for you. Best regards, Michael V. Elam, M.D.

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