Rhinoplasty bridge question. (photo)

hello docs..I had a revision rhinoplasty and am at 1 year post op. I had a relatively large dorsal hump taken down. I feel like the upper part of my nose I feel these two distinct lines but before rhinoplasty I never really felt them. when I put my finger higher up these two lines like closer to the eyebrows it feels very good and normal like a pre op area. Is this very common w/ dorsal hump removal. Is it becuz this is removed and it cushioned the nasal bones.. It doesnt feel good now.. :(

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Nasal dorsum concerns following hump removal

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Nasal dorsum concern requires a photograph of your nasal dorsum in order to visualize your concern. Feeling irregularities is common, but irregularities should not be visible.

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Palpable contour after lowering a large dorsal hump

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This is a common result postoperatively of lowering a large dorsal hump, as the central 1/3 of the nose is composed of cartilage.  Many times a thin layer of crushed cartilage, fascia (connective tissue), or a spacer is placed in order to avoid this.

Lines on bridge of nose

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You are likely correct, there was probably some cushion on the nasal bones and they are now more palpable. This doesn't cause any problems and shouldn't be anything to worry about.  If you are able to breathe well through the nose and are happy with the way it looks that is what is most important.Best of luckDr Rodman

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Feeling the nose

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Ideally you should not feel ridges on your nose after surgery.  However, a certain percentage of the time patients do feel some differences that they are concerned about after surgery.  With the large hump reduction it is going to be more likely to feel something.  In cases like yours I often place a thin layer of crushed cartilage on top of the bones and cartilage to make the surface smooth to touch.  With that said, so long as you done see the irregularities, I would not be concerned.  I think it is best to focus on the appearance and function of the nose in a situation like yours.

Adam Bryce Weinfeld, MD
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