Had revision rhinoplasty to restore real nose back. Will it really look like my real nose? (photos)

Dear doctors, I had a revision rhinoplasty 10 days ago to restore my old nose back. The first rhinoplasty Left me with a short flat nose. Now the nose has been lenghtened and build to make it bigger and more narrow like my real nose. Will this nose really look anything like my real nose with time? Can I put filler to help make the bridge narrower and in the nostrillea to make them not visible?

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Revision Rhinoplasty Results

Since it has been only 10 days after your revision rhinoplasty, the true results will not be visible for a few months. However, judging by the photos your nose is healing very nicely. After your nose has fully recovered and you do not like the results, you can consult with a board certified facial plastic surgeon about a revision procedure. In regards to your filler question, fillers cannot be used to make the bridge narrower. Fillers are used to add to the nose. They can improve asymmetry or make nasal bumps less noticeable, but cannot reduce size. To reduce the size and shape of the nose, you will need surgery


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