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Hey docs I am about a month after a tertiary rhinoplasty I needed my clicking columella strut slightly revised. It was sutured to my L strut. I feel when I move my lips ever so slightly that something feels mobile. Is it possible my L strut is just moving around and is not stable?? what keeps L strut stable? The whole area just feels concrete like and plastic like and very stiff and the inside columella area feels very weird. I am only about a month into recovery so?? Thanks... Katerina!

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Revision rhinoplasty concern

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Dear katerina111,

  • It is still very early and your upper lip and columella will feel tight
  • It will soften a little, but in the long run, the nasal tip will be more firm with a C strut in place
  • The movement you are describing is probably related to your L strut because it is connected to everything elseĀ 
  • An in person exam would help guide you better and you should bring these concerns up with your surgeon


Dr. Nima

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