Would removing my spreader graft make my septum weaker?

In my revision rhinoplasty the surgeon put in bilateral spreader grafts. I didn't know he was planning to do so. Had I known, I would have most likely refused them. They made my nose wider and I don't like them. If they are removed, will my septum be weaker by it? Will I be at a greater risk of eventually ending up with a saddle nose deformity? Also, is removing spreader grafts dangerous? Is there a risk of slicing the septum, or causing a septal perforation? Thanks for you help.

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Would removing my spreader graft make my septum weaker?

You don't state the reason you had a revision. One of the leading reasons that I do revisions is that the first surgeons do not use spreader grafts when they should have. If you have the spreader grafts removed you might have saddling or nasal valve collapse. Discuss your concerns with your surgeon.

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Spreader grafts in rhinoplasty

Spreader grafts are used to improve nasal airways and/or support the cartilagenous structural integrity of the middle nose. Your surgeon may have had a good reason to place these grafts and yes they may cause widening of the nasal dorsum. I, therefore, suggest to speak with your surgeon, so that he/she can explain the reason for it and consequence of lack of it i.e. removal. Best

Mohsen Tavoussi, MD, DO
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