Recommendations for Alarplasty Surgeon in California?

After considering many techniques, I have decided that I want to reduce my nostrils with some form of alarplasty. If there is any name or names that come to mind when it comes to alarplasty (not just rhinoplasty) I would love and greatly appreciate suggestions. I would prefer a surgeon in California, but with a procedure that yields permanent results, I'd consider other US surgeons. Thanks.

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Alarplasty versus rhinoplasty nose surgery

Dear RBrownBH,

  • Reducing the size of the nostrils is one of the steps (usually the final one) of a rhinoplasty procedure
  • You should go to a couple of consultations with rhinoplasty surgeons for a full evaluation
  • I can tell you know what you want and you should see a surgeon to go over expectations and what is possible

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