Can putting makeup over the bridge of your nose every day cause structural damage to it?

Whenever I am trying to put makeup over my nose, I have this fear I am traumatizing it over time (the pressure and powder and manipulation) what do you think?

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Makeup never made a nose better or worse.

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Dear rosiecon12 in Beverly Hills, California:      Structurally the nose does not change with makeup.  You do not have to worry.  Regardless of how much pressure you put on and how much powder or camouflage is placed onto the skin, your nose will not change.  The architecture is fixed and cannot be influence by makeup artistry.
Best wishes, Robert Kotler, MD, FACS Over 4,500 nasal procedures performed

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Makeup Application to the Nose

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It is highly uncommon for you to cause any structural damage to your nose through the application of makeup. To cause any structural damage, you would need to be putting a significant amount of force, which is difficult to do with only a makeup applicator.

Richard A. Zoumalan, MD
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Does Makeup cause structural damage to the nose?

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Makeup applied to the skin of the nose on the outside does not cause structural damage to your nose.  If you do not have sensitivities to a particular makeup any place else on your face, then you do not need to worry about causing harm to the structure of your nose by regularly applying it.  Dr. B

Ramin Behmand, MD
San Francisco Plastic Surgeon
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