Plastic Surgeon and Bedside Manner?

Dear Doctors, Last week I had two moles removed on each side of my face by a Plastic Surgeon. (board certified) This week the stitches were cut of by a Nurse. I don't know if i'ts me, but I kinda feel disappointed by his lack of attention. He didn't took the time to see if everything went well. I know i'ts not ''a big deal'' to have moles removed, but would you, Plastic Surgeon handle the same way, or have I expected too much? Thank you in advance.

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Plastic surgeon and mole removal

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this is typical practice. i like to see the patients 6 weeks after mole removal to start laser treatments.  the nurse would inform me if there were any issues with healing and suggest our typical post operative healing protocols --- silicone based scar gels, PDT with growth factors.  Best, Dr. Emer.

Los Angeles Dermatologic Surgeon
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Plastic Surgeon not removing stitches

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Your nurse removing sutures is acceptable as long as everything looked good. Maybe your surgeon was in another case or busy. If you had any concerns, I would have recommended that you voice them and I am sure they would have gotten him/her for you. If you still have concerns you should call him/her up.

Arian Mowlavi, MD, FACS
Orange County Plastic Surgeon
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Post operative care

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Those are certainly fair comments.  All of us cosmetic surgeons have delegated some part of patient care, somewhere, that may have been better done ourselves.  In your case, however, the surgeon may indeed have been very confident that all went well, and have an absolute understanding with the nurse, that the surgeon would always be immediately advised if something was not healing exactly as expected. Having said that, if, at any time, you don't feel that the wound is healing satisfactorily, I would, for the sake of your relationship with your cosmetic surgeon, give her/him the opportunity to make it right for you. I would be quite sure that they would want you to be pleased with the services that you received.

David Hartman, MD, FACS
Dover Facial Plastic Surgeon
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