Do most people really breathe freely through both nostrils?

I have had a LOT of trauma to my nose, and used to be able to breathe perfect and great through both. Now my nostrils are really narrow and flimsy and hard to breathe out of. The right one is mostly always blocked. I cannot mentally handle the idea of surgery due to mental issues so I am forced to live with it. As a result, I have OCD so it bothers me every day. I get distracted at work and constantly want to lie down and no longer want to do anything cuz I feel like I can't breathe. Advice?

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Breathing issues after physical trauma

Difficulty breathing is common after a physical trauma to the nose. It sounds like you have a deviated or collapsed nasal septum. This can cause difficulty breathing and sleeping. Most patients who have a deviated nasal septum report difficulty breathing from one or both of their nostrils. I recommend consulting with a board certified facial plastic surgeon about a septoplasty for a deviated nasal septum or cosmetic deformity of the nose.

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Depression from blocked breathing

Breathing is the most repeated function of the body. Our sanity and inner peace are related to it. A septoplasty is an exercising of the relaxation of free breath.When you know the obvious solution to a problem and avoid it you need help.

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